I'm so glad you're here

I'm Jess, a Psychic Medium, Astrologer, and Tarot Reader. I write, teach, and sometimes speak in public. I might even occasionally sing and dance.

I love this work and have always been pulled to it.

I've always felt and known things I couldn't explain. As a kid I was like an antenna walking through the world, picking up the feelings and thoughts of people around me, both bodied and not. I dug into various magick practices very early on and learned many lessons about the scope of my abilities and the importance of psychic protection and safe practices.

The energies of this world and others are no joke, my friends, and nothing to be trifled with.

When I was 14, the death of a close friend sent me looking for answers to big questions. I found many of them in my first Tarot deck, a Smith Waite. I've been studying and developing my abilities with the cards, psychic work, mediumship, channeling, magick, astrology, numerology, ritual, and connected practices ever since.

The Smith Waite Tarot has always been my muse and is the anchoring tool for all my readings. The depth and clarity of Pamela Colman Smith's channeled images is (for me) unparalleled. In claiming this deck, though, it feels important to clarify that my reading style falls far outside the -isms inherent in the images and instead uses the symbolic spirit of the deck as a clarifying tool for the information my guides and ancestors (including my very vocal Great Grandmother) provide.

Tarot is, ultimately, a map.

Through my abilities, the insight of my guides, and with the cards as our tools, I can help you see how you got on this road, where you're headed, and what tools you need to help you navigate it.

It is always my intention to guide you toward trusting yourself and hearing your own inner voice more clearly.


The Tarot part we've already talked about, so here's the rest.

The Psychic part: I'm specifically a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, channel and energy field reader. I receive information from my guides and ancestors through images and words, and I receive information from you through the electrical patterns in your energy field. My job is, essentially, to translate those different forms of information for you.

The Astrology part: Your natal chart is a powerful tool for understanding who you are in this lifetime, what your road looks like, your gifts and challenges, and the purpose you chose to be here for this time around.

The Medium part: sometimes when we're in the reading space, ancestors (loved ones who have passed, including animals) might come in and want to speak. I always check in first to find out if you're open to this, and my psychic boundaries around this are very specific so that only folks directly connected to you (through blood or love) and who have something helpful to offer are allowed in.  

The Ritual part: I perform weddings, handfasts, celebrations, and ceremonies of all kinds based on the traditional practices of my ancestors but designed to suit the occasion you want to honor. I am especially happy adapting ancient rituals for radical love and acceptance.

The Mentorship part: I teach people about Tarot and how to use and read the cards. I've been reading for more than 30 years and love teaching others about my favorite subject. Teaching roads are created specifically for each person's goals and learning style. I have worked with many neurodiverse students and am happy to create a working style that's effective for any student. There are only two mentorship spots available at any given time, and a first-come-first-served waiting list.

I also do speaking engagements, educational events, occasional gallery reads, and public events.  

If you have questions about any of the things I do, send me an email. I'm happy to hear from you.



The first time and only time I’ve ever sat down in front of a tarot card reader was with Jesse. I was anxiously excited to see what the cards would reveal and how Jesse would interpret them for me. I have to say the experience far exceeded my expectations. Jesse was incredibly accurate. Her message to me was thorough, genuine, and unbelievably spot on with what was happening in my life. I left her table wanting to instantly re book and come back to learn and hear more! Jesse’s reading was full of confirmation, clarity, and direction. I highly recommend anyone to go see her. She is super sweet and made me feel very comfortable. The experience is so much more than just fun.

Shanna, Tucson

Jesse's readings are spectacular. The first thing I want to say is that I come away from a reading with Jesse with a deeper understanding of the tarot. Jesse's knowledge of the tarot is vast, and it's a pleasure and an education to simply witness her explain each card that comes up. The second thing is that Jesse's readings are accurate. In her hands, the tarot cards have reflected exactly what is going on with me (from the most superficial to the deepest levels), and they have also gently indicated what the near future has in store for me, which, honestly, has made life in the weeks after a reading a lot more navigable. I've left each reading feeling fully seen--by Jesse, by her cards, and by Spirit. In sum, her readings bolster my faith that I'm having a spiritual journey and that everything, one way or another, is going to be OK! Plus, folks who dig watching the stars will appreciate how she weaves astrology into her readings.

Claire, Tucson

I’ve known Jesse for a long time, and already loved her as a person. Once I saw that she was actively doing readings, I had to grab some time to get it done. It. Was. Exactly. What. I. Needed. I’ve had two readings now, and she’s always spot on. The connection that she’s had in each reading, both with me and beyond, is just plain amazing. Her vision is immeasurable. She is honest and speaks the truth. You’re the one who has to be open and willing to receive her gifts.

Krystal, Tucson

Jesse is a really talented reader who is able to get to the heart of what’s going on with you. I’ve had multiple readings with her and she is able to bring firm truth with a sense of playfulness that reminds you not to take yourself so seriously. She is very intuitive and has a strong connection with her guides and her deck. She kicks ass as a human and as a tarot reader and I strongly recommend her to my friends.

Bitty, Tucson

Jesse is wonderful! She is gonna make you feel comfortable within seconds talking to her because of her friendly personality. Every time we do a reading she and her “ladies” as she called them, answer all my questions with so much clarity for me. You can tell Jesse has a great and deep connection with her deck and guides because they’re always very assertive. I would highly recommend you having all your readings with her! You are gonna love her too! don’t miss the opportunity, you won’t regret it.

Elissa, Tucson

My reading with Jesse was incredibly insightful. She picked up on subtle things that many people aren’t even aware of. She was able to tap into the energetic realm with clarity and provide back practical uses for every day life. I will definitely be booking another reading! Thank you Jesse!

Brooke, Longmont

Jesse is phenomenal! I went in with an open mind and unsure of what questions to ask, but that didn't matter. Her reading was exactly what I needed to hear. She was able to guide me through concerns I had about my life and career path. She gave me a lot of food for thought in a good way. It has helped me to move about my days with more awareness and conscious decisions. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Lee, Denver